Friday, February 5, 2016

4 号斋菜 at Tiong Bahru Market food centre

:-( ceased operations 
Wow, the No.4 Vegetarian stall at Tiong Bahru Market Food centre, making it the 5th vegetarian stall around Tiong Bahru Market area. (There is one at corner coffee shop just opposite Tiong Bahru market car-park exit). Differ from their competitors whose core food is Fried meehoon, they embark on cooked wanton mee, laksa, lontong and fried goose mee.
That's a welcome change for vegetarian patrons who like cooked on spot noodles.
Missed good wanton mee for long time, that's my immediate choice when I saw their menu.
THUMBS UP for their flavorful mee, well mixed and cooked! :-)
Oh they advertised long opening hours from 6am-10pm Daily...Cool... hope they sustain then we can have vegetarian  dinner and supper options there.

Located at level 2 of Tiong Bahru Market food centre #02-13, left centre stretch of stalls from up escalator, besides the other left centre located Ding Shan Vegetarian.

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