Tuesday, December 27, 2016

86 Indian Vegetarian

Was told by friend there is this new vegetarian stall ~ 86 Indian Vegetarian, at this old Bt Ho Swee estate hawker centre. (in fact it is called Havelock Food Centre)
It only sells 3 items:  Roti Prata; Mee Goreng & Nasi Bryani and interestingly by a Chinese vendor.
Tried the Mee Goreng which was quite flavourful with tomato sauce and I like the roti prata which  the accompanying curry mock mutton gravy tasted great!  I would be keen to try Nasi Bryani next round...


Anonymous said...

Do you have the exact address or directions to this stall? Thanks!

Sunny said...

22A Havelock Road, Singapore 161022