Sunday, November 15, 2009

素满园 (Kopitiam at Tiong Bahru Plaza)

A long time since last visit, this round arrived slightly before 5pm again but fortunately they do serve those easy to cook noodles like Lor Mee, hence I ordered their Lor Kway Teow.

They used the thick flat version of Kway Teow and the colour of gravy and ingredients which consists mainly of Tau Pok made me mistaken that they had given me Kway Chap instead.

However, the gravy came with some mild degree of "glueiness" so it is indeed Lor Mee gravy of maybe another clan and the taste is mild like Kwap Chap too. :-)

Located at Tiong Bahru Plaza Food Court - Kopitiam (3rd level) near entrance

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