Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Create Healthy Lifestyle

Originally I thought "Create Healthy Lifestyle" was the slogan of the shop, then I realise after searching awhile, that's its shop name. It was always full-house whenever I visit Fortune Centre but with the new expansion of another outlet at #02-04, diagonally opposite, I finally get a chance to try its delights.

We decided to try its Nasi Briyani set and Eight Treasure Brown Rice set at $5.50 that is accompanied with a free bowl of delicious watercess soup (boiled with almond and fig).
Strongly recommend its Nasi Briyani set for those who can take spicy food. :-) The rice was fragrant and the potato well cooked with spicy curry and the spicier mock mutton made me feel more like in India than what I tasted in India. The green vege was also well-cooked and tasty.

Though the other brown rice set's side dishes may looked less tasty and smaller in portion in comparison, my friend highly compliment the Eight-Treasure brown rice and prefer it to Nutri-Hub's brown rice-set. The shop also serves interesting fruit yoghurt drinks which seems to be quite popular. ;-) Like other organic cafe, there is also a small section selling vegetarian products. At a much more reasonable price and expansion of seating capacity, I believe it is likely to be a threat to New Green Pasture Cafe.

Address: 190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre, #02-04, S(188979). It is located at Fortune Centre which is just a few minutes walk from the famous Kwan Im Temple at Waterloo street.


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

My non-vegetarian friend recommended me to have lunch there one day few months ago, else I w/d have given it a miss.

Since my non-veg friend is happy with this eatery, I am fine to dine there too :) Didn't take any photo :) We have daily set at the new extension, some miso soup with rice set, I think. Can't remember.

They have 2 shop space now - each serving different menu, that was what I was told.

Sunny said...

Such organic cafe is popular with non-vegn as they have nice organic vege rather than mock products which non-vegn would think they prefer the real meat.
Organic cafe promotes healthy lifestyle & diet which is what people are now looking for as an alternative to meaty diet.

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Yes. My other guesses:

Organic Food is not that popular among vegetarian yet because not much awareness is raised in the Vegetarian community (it is also rather difficult, as vegetarian don’t really form into a single group or society or organization).

People go vegetarian for various reasons, maybe only those who are opting for a healthy vegetarian diet or dislike the traditional vegetarian diet would go and find other sources of vegetarian food.

For me, with other given vegetarian choices available sources and compare in term of price of organic food, I wouldn’t go for organic food, as I find it is more like homestyle cooking which I already eating home cook food daily.

As for non-vegetarians who are health conscious (can be because of illness), go for spa, detox programme etc, they might know more about Organic Food.

As health food topics or special theme dinning by fine dinning non-veg restaurants, such as Conscious Dinning (read this in a magazine that feature SPA Botanic) often appear in Foodie Magazine, Life Style magazine who readers are non-veg (veg usually don’t read such food magazine).

cheers crystal