Sunday, April 4, 2010

Luo Han Vegetarian Health Food

Sad ! Ceased Operation...
Located near the escalator of #01 of Fortune Centre, this shop sells a great variety of vegetarian dishes, even with a specialised counter selling La Mian. However, was more in a rice mood for dinner today & scanning through their menu, noticed this interesting Curry Leaves Fried Rice. I love dishes with curry leaves, hence immediately ordered a packet of it.

It turned out to be a curry flavoured fried rice that each grain of rice is well immersed with curry flavour. Very appetising with the curry taste which is non-spicy at all to me. There are a few curry leaves but does not taste as good as when with the vegetarian oats prawns but overall the fried rice tasted soft and good and recommendable to try.:-)

It is located at 190 Middle Road, #01-13/14 (Fortune Centre), Singapore 188979
Tel: 63331612
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 8am - 8.30pm

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