Sunday, March 6, 2011


Saw the signboard near the window while crossing the street, realised that YOGI House at #02 corner of Fu Lu Shou Building changed owners. However, its interior design remained pretty much the same and still an organic cafe.

We tried their Thai Tofu which had thoughtfully separated its hazelnuts powder at a side. The beancurd was of nice texture with a nice sauce and initially we thought the powder was minced of peanuts & cashew nuts but clarified that it was hazelnuts!:-)

Next Organic cafe's favourite: Salad Sushi. No aloud ingredients, just mainly fresh and crunchy turnip and red carrots sprinkled with mock floss. Remains my favourite.:-)

Their dry noodles came with an appetising look and taste, accompanied with nice winter-melon taste alike soup. Nice bowl of noodles with black fungus, seaweed, carrot slices, red pepper slices, mushrooms, bean sprouts and mini corn.
I saw another table ordered their soup noodles which looked appetising too.
Will keep that in mind for next visit!:-)

Located at Fu Lu Shou building #02-08, at a corner amidst the crystal shops.


Anonymous said...

When I first saw the photo of the dry noodles, I thought it was bibimbap. Nonetheless the dish looked healthy, with all that colors. I hope it isn't too spicy. Anyway thanks for sharing.

Sunny said...

Yes, colourful.
No, not spicy.:-)