Monday, March 5, 2012

Bishan Vegetarian

Back to classes, more opportunities to visit Bishan and another discovery that the food centre above Bishan Bus Interchange had renovated and fortunately Bishan Vegetarian is still there, moved to 2nd stall away from the Drink Stall on the right corner.
Looking for something soupy, their Bittergourd Bean curb soup caught my eyes. A good portion of bitter gourd slices (fresh and not that bitter :-) ), red carrot slices, silky water bean curb, tomato cubes, straw-mushrooms and seaweed. Soup was plain but nice. :-)

Located just above the food centre above the Bus Interchange, Up from the colorful stairs near the traffic light, you can see it just 2nd stall away from Drink stall.


exquisitelyain said...

Is there any Malay food there? I remember last time there is one ..

Sunny said...

Yes, 1st stall beside the drink stall.