Friday, April 6, 2012

Lucky Vegetarian Food

After viewing the Claypot Laksa featured at the TV variety show, we got interested to explore the Alexandra Village Food Centre, and I am happy to find 2 vegetarian stalls: Lucky Vegetarian & Xing Guang Vegetarian, in the food centre located in the estate opposite Queensway Shopping Centre. And both serve other than Standard Mee Hoon, dishes such as Vegetarian Chicken Rice, Kwai Chap, Fish Soup, Dry Noodles, etc.
Decided to try Dry noodles from Lucky Vegetarian, which is located at the same stretch as the Claypot Laksa. Forgoing mock barbecue pork, I requested for more mock goose pieces, its other ingredients. The noodles were well-cooked and smooth, nice at $2.50. :-)
Ok , likely to come back to try more as well as from Xing Guang Vegetarian located at centre lane of the food centre. :-)


Anonymous said...

You can try laksa from the vegie stall at the middle lane. very good taste :)

Sunny said...

Great, can advise more precise the location like at a coffeeshop near?