Thursday, January 1, 2009

素满园 (Suntec City Fountain Food Terrace)

Was really glad to find the vegetarian stall serving morning breakfast before 8am and at a discounted price of $2.20 in the morning ($2.80 for lunch) for their mixed dishes with fried meehoon or mee. I like their fried Kway Teow and by ordering with their stewed beancurb dishes and requesting for more gravy, it became a version like Cantonese Hor Fun at much cheaper price. :P Their economical promotion (considering in Foodcourt) certainly attracts customers.

After having a couple of lunch & dinner meals on rice for a noodles lover, on final day of retreat, feeling hungry, I finally sneaked out during break to have noodles and retried the stall's Spicy Sour Veg. Noodles. After days of non-spicy food, it could be that my taste bugs was being neutralised as the noodles tasted real spicy this round and good:-) which provided me with good energy to continue the next retreat session:-)

The vegetarian stall is located near the food court entrance near Pasta Mania.


Anonymous said...

Haha..., the lunch and dinner box is rather little for me too and can finished real fast.

I always take the chance to go down during break to walk and eat streamed tapioca kueh or fruits.

I need kopi-O too, chanting with visualisation and right thought is tough, i can only last for 50-60 mins with such intense concentration.

I didn't go to this stall even thought I know where it is, afraid too many people and not enough time for toilet break. If not having a nice piping hot soupy noodle or something different can be a good way of energy recharging.

Tire with a half empty tummy can be a real distracting ... :p crystal

Sunny said...

I don't take kopi but I realise that chilli is my kopi-o. :-)