Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zhen Vegetarian, Maxwell Road Food Centre

This stall is located on the left (#7) of the lane where the drink stall: Cool Station is facing. It sells mixed rice with 3 dishes at $2.50 as well as Laksa, Lor Mee, Dry noodles at $2.50 while Hor Fun etc at $3. A good alternative for those who are lazy to cross the road to Chinatown.
I tried the Lor Mee today. The gravy was rather thick, but not sizzling hot enough. It came with fried goose pieces and its dumplings were handmade, with soft beancurb as its fillings.

7, Maxwell Road Food Centre, left lane where drink stall: Cool Station is facing.

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Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

something new, didnt know got veg stall there.