Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cafe Salivation

I finally met up with my "Little India guide" to have dinner at Cafe Salivation that I get to know from the "Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide". Phew, without her, I am sure I would get lost. :P
It is really a Pinkish cafe:-) that serves Western food with nice presentation that the pictures shown did not do justice for. We were recommended the Mexican Enchiladas Remo (1st picture) which is baked Tortillas stuffed with stir-fried vegetables, and topped with tomato sauce and white cheese sauce. It is similar to our chinese popiah with cheese on top and I love the cheese! Do try it:-)
Next , we tried their Lasagne with Soya Mince Granules. The top cheese is as good with nice pasta sheets together with the minced mushroom which though very saltish is still acceptable for me. Oh dear, I wonder how much exercise I have to do to burn away the calories of the rich cheese after the meal.:P
My friend had tried their mushroom sandwiches before and was all praise for it but too bad we were too full and decided that will be saved for our next visit.:-)

Oh, as they are Indian Vegetarians, most dishes do contain onion & garlic, so if you do not take them, do check with them if that could be removed from the dishes.

The Cafe used to be located at 75 Syed Alwi Road, now moved to 176 Race Course Road Singapore 218607. Tel: 6298 1412.


Sunny said...

Oh, UOB seems to have monpolised that part of Little India as from Farrer Park MRT, to Mustafa, I can only see UOB ATM. And do bring along yr UOB credit card which they currently have discounts.

Laura Ng said...

I had been to this place before. Their food is very nice and unique as they try to be innovative by combining Western and Indian in some of their dishes. Their prices are reasonable too. And because it's quite far out of the way, its quiet ambience suits best for long, relaxing conversations. I don't mind walking the distance.

Sunny said...

Hi Laura,
Its a relaxing environment for conversations, once you know the way, it's quite a "returnable" place.
I only see western food on their menu but I understand we may be able to order the Indian food from their group, Raj restaurant, which is next door and vice versa. Saw them serving food to next door...
The price for the food is reasonable for the quality. :-)
Will visit again. :-)

A veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Been there, but didn't order much, as it was a 2nd stop for the eating trip, have something else before going there.

Following some Singapore foodies do, they go around few different eateries in a day or nite and try out different food. Guess Tourists do this too, to sample more in limited time ...

Little India is another veg paradise, even non-veg is veg friendly. Like the buzz and experience in Komala (not so much for chit-chating there), althought the price of the food is slighty more expensive compare to the little food stalls around that area.

cheers :)