Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vegan Burg (Raffles Place)

Finally, I managed to visit Vegan Burg 's outlet at Golden Shoe Carpark #01-28D, which is located more to the right of the building and hidden behind a printing shop (forgot the name).
It is a hidden cosy corner...
As it was my 1st time there, I didn't know that they had conveniently pre-packed and place the burgers (that comes in an army tin container), fries and other snacks, drinks on the front for people to pick & pay at the cashier so I did it the traditional way of ordering from the counter.
Tried their Creamy Pepper Shrooms set that came with a drink & seaweed fries at S$11.85. 
Very filling meal,
it was certainly much pricier than McDonald set but already a blessing for those who miss such burgers...
Patrons especially the Caucasians, come in later and crowded the cosy corner.
Raffles Place is certainly a good place with a population that can pay the price and support the business.
Check out their web which they are opening more outlets in Spore:

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