Thursday, August 9, 2012

Create Healthy Lifestyle

Hmm, long did not visit this healthy cafe, pop by at Bugis area again and decided to try some light healthy food but end up taking this heavy spicy Korean noodles set instead, drawn by its hand-made dumplings. Well, Ah Q abit,  in a healthy cafe, it should be healthier. :-P
It looks appetising with lots of ingredients per picture. Pity the dumplings had not matched my expectations and the noodles are more towards the taste of instant noodles but the soup was still towards healthier version of not as spicy as one imagined from look at picture.

Address: 190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre, #02-04, S(188979). It is located at Fortune Centre which is just a few minutes walk from the famous Kwan Im Temple at Waterloo street

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