Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Real Food Cafe

Good news to veggie lovers at Orchard!
Long wait for new Organic Veggie outlet...
A new branch of Real Food opened near Somerset Mrt, at the old building beside Singtel along Killiney Road. It is extremely spacious with even a spacious grocery area, very unusual at this prime area.
It is fast becoming a popular lunch area for Organic veggie lovers.
Love their Soup ! The Kombu Soup, very sweet and fresh with "Kunbu" taste; and their Dumpling is a must try!  The Dumpling soup tasted lighter than the Kombu soup but was added with sesame oil to enhance its fragrance. The Dumpling's skin was well done and the ingredients inside with chopped water-chestnut (a must have ingredient to qualify as good dumpling in my opinion) and various ingredients was excellent, one of the better boiled Dumpling tried in Singapore. 
I shall make an attempt to try its fried Dumpling version next time.:-)
We also ordered their Organic pizza, which used mozzarella cheese and homemade tomato paste. Light and crispy thin crust, Nice! and their Mushroom Bruschette excellently toasted to crispiness that even a non-bread lover like me put both my thumbs up. It would be better if they had been served into smaller pieces like their Central outlet instead of 2 big pieces. One big piece is good as a side dish but 2 may be overwhelming.
Generally, an enjoyful meal with relaxing environment and their menu have general good indications if the dishes are vegan, wheat/gluten-free, with onion/garlic and where possible they can remove the onion/garlic and made it vegan upon request.
However, it was discovered on another visit that some of their cakes/pastries on sale and their crispy Pizza crust has egg ingredients in it so to be safe, for Vegetarians and Vegans, please always reconfirm with the staff serving you of the ingredients you avoid especially if there is no "vegan" indicated on the menu.
Definitely will visit it again and hopefully, there will be more dishes that can be made vegan and without onion and garlic.:-)
Located at 110 Killiney Road, beside Singtel facing the Killiney Road shop-houses.
Tel: 67379516. Opens daily.

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