Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tian Yuan Vegetarian

This Vegetarian Supply Shop - Tian Yuan is hidden at level 2 (#02-23) of Fortune centre, right on 2nd stretch of shops up from the escalator. It takes abit of effort to look for it but luckily it has a bright sign.

It had also recently started selling hot food, making good uses of its supply from the shop.
It has on its menu Lei cha, Pumpkin rice, Buckwheat noodles, Vinegar Trotters, Spaghetti and this Tomato soup noodles which I ordered. 
Own made from fresh tomatoes, the soup was thick like spaghetti sauce just that it is more soupy.
Very appetising with much ingredients also very tomato spaghetti-alike. There are those tiny fresh mushrooms, cubes of potato and bean curd and some pea-beans. And my favourite Parsley leaves added fragrance to the dish. If the La-mian type of noodles was cooked longer to make it softer it could had added more points, but overall a nice dish to try for tomato lovers.:-)

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