Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Delights at China 2013

The meals for this trip with routes to main attractions of Yungang Grottoes, Wu Tai Shan & Er Mei Shan were excellent. Almost daily 10 course Vegetarian dishes that I greatly enjoyed with the whole tour group requesting for vegetarian meals throughout the trip.
Below are some of the more representative meals recalled...
Our taste of Rice Dumpling at China on Duanwu Festival ~ Sweet dessert instead of salty type found in Spore and Sumptuous lunch at 大同 Datong 's restaurant ~ 川釜魏道 Chuan Fu Wei Dao.

Nice vegetarian meal at Wu Tai Shan' s 全素斋 Quan Shu Zhai Restaurant.
Pictures speak more than words...

From Elaborate to Simplicities, some nice dishes from our dinner at foot of Er Mei Shan, Hongqi Hotel 's restaurant: 峨眉景閣 Er Mei Jing Ge  

Another sumptuous spread awaited us at the 留香阁饭店 Liu Xiang Ge Restaurant near the Car-park at Er Mei Shan. 

And there, we met our sugared tomato dish, I gathered the sugary way of sprinkling sugar on top of Tomato slices or Pumpkin or Yam may be a speciality around Si Chuan state.
And I love it! Wonder if the dish could be found in Singapore's Si Chuan style eateries... 

A good recharge of local snacks (RMB5~S$1) along the climb to JinDing of Er Mei Shan ~
Flour cakes, Glutinous Rice & their chewy Glutinous Corn! 


Cooling ice - variety Fruits flavour at the hot weather 
I think our local ice-cream flavours needs to revamp to include more suppliers & variety, back to earlier days when there are more suppliers instead of being monopolised by few major ones of similar flavours. This Indian mango flavoured ice is my favourite & it comes with a plastic cover accompanied to maintain its shape & use as a container for melting ice as we eat. How considerate! We almost had ice-cream daily during the trip due to the weather & I have to resist the habit generated when back to Spore.
And price range from RMB 2-5 (S$0.4-$1) depending on venue. Very affordable.

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