Friday, July 5, 2013

成都耕缘素餐厅 (Vegetarian at China, Chengdu)

成都耕缘素餐厅 is where we had our final vegetarian meal of our trip that ended at China, Chengdu.  I am always glad to know of new vegetarian places in China and  it is even a vegan restaurant!
Compared to our past meals in this trip, the dishes were much delicate in size and taste but it is a good transition for us back to our much simple vegetarian meal consumption in Singapore.


Nevertheless it is still a feast with many dishes and we love their soup and especially the soup noodles of 3 colors (personally and to many, the noodles may be the tastiest among the noodles tasted so far in the trip as it is seldom finished for past meals but from the way it is cooked and the quality tasted suggested it may be made-in Taiwan noodles and I heard the owner of the restaurant is Taiwanese too).
The meal ended with dessert of cut apples & corn tooth-pick!
In this trip, the Vegetarian feast meals we had totally revamped my impression of Vegetarian food in China derived from past trips as a lonely vegetarian in non pilgrimage packaged tours. And I am so Happy with the standard of the vegetarian food compared to past packaged  tour trips', eating heartily or too heartily that my table-mates know that I am a glutton...;P
耕缘素餐厅 is located at No. 88, Beidajie St. TianShengYi centre
(opposite Si Chuan Book Fair)

Tel: 028-61323962

And Gratitude to my table-mates for their patience in waiting for me to take photos for most meals.... Thank you! :-)))

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