Sunday, February 17, 2008

China Local Delights

麻辣豆花 (Spicy Bean Curb)
After tasting it many years ago at 四川(Si Chuan), China, I had been missing its taste. Now, back to this city known for its special spicy (麻辣numbess & spicy; numb bec of 花椒Hua Jiao, small flowery like spices) taste in food for tour again, I went in search for its spicy bean curb. And in its tourist attraction of ancient town: Huang Long Xi (黄龙溪), I finally had a chance to taste it again.
The smoothness of the bean curb is so smooth!!!! I cannot find any bean curb shop that matches its smoothness in Spore as yet. Instead of the usual sweet syrup, its unique spicy chilli sauce (麻辣酱) is being added to the bean curb. Hot, Smooth and Spicy....Such a delicacy for a cold weather...


~Rei's Veggie Land~ said...

Hi, saw u post this link at crystal's blog. I saw this on TV sometime back and was very interested to try as i'm someone who can't live without chillies. Any luck with the recreating of this dish? I bought some red peppercorns but haven't got down to trying it yet. teehee..

Sunny said...

Hi Rei,
After getting pointers from Crystal, managed to recreate a similar but not exact version bec cannot get the "Mala"'s "Ma", the numbness portion but good enough. Will post soon under "Sunny Vege Fantasy".
You have a nice blog. I am abt to introduce the mock bacon that you cook your udon with. A new product that I just tried :-)
Hmm, Red peppercorns, ps share what you are going to do with it.