Wednesday, February 27, 2008

健康斋素食 Vegetarian Food, Hong Lim Complex Food centre

Located near the Chinatown Point Shopping centre, where there exists many famous stalls at the Hong Lim Complex food centre, I have a favourite vegetarian stall that I frequent for its porridge or congee.
Its porridge is tasty with many ingredients at an economical price of <$1.50. It has vege, corn, carrot cubes, small slices of mock fish-cake & mushroom. They usually sell peanut porridge but sometimes brown rice porridge is available too which is a good alternative for those who do not take peanuts. But peanuts are also added by default to their brown rice porridge.

For those who can take eggs and miss otah, I would recommend you try their own-made otah. Besides eggs & coconut, their otah has seaweed & slices of mock fish cake that add texture & flavour to the otak. It's abit spicy though.

So far, I had not found any nice eggless otah, those frozen products in the market are factory made & had more coconut taste than otah taste. Ps let me know if you know of any nice pure vegetarian otah.
The stall also sells other nice mixed-rice dishes and I can find vegetarian rojak & fruit-salad like dishes. Check with the owner if the dish you want contains egg products before you order if you are a pure vegetarian.
But still, I like its porridge Best :-)

Thanks to a reader who inform me that the stall is now relocated to #01-49 (facing the market) of Hong Lim Complex Food centre after renovation. It is closed on Sundays.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where has it moved to? They are not back at hong lim after reno... :(

Sunny said...

Sorry, I don't know too,
let me know if you find out its new whereabout.
Certainly miss its congee....

Anonymous said...

The stall shifted back to the same hawker centre at 01-49 level 1 facing the market

Sunny said...

Thanks for the update!!!
That's good news :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

I ate what I thought was an egg tart that my sis took home from her office - the most we could squeeze out from her cute auntie colleague was that it was from a Hong Lim vegetarian food stall. And that it was a soy tart!

It was so yummy - would you know which stall it was exactly, since you have such extensive knowledge about all things vegetarian?

Thanks :)

Sunny said...

Hi Ling,
I am not sure abt the Hong Lim vegetarian stall selling soy tart but I know Yixin Vegetarian at Chinatown coffeeshop does sell & so does the vegetarian supply shop at Fortune centre level 1.
In fact, Sunrise bakery at Fortune centre has Vanilla tarts which taste quite similar as Soy tarts.
But I don't know if theirs match the ones you tried at Hong Lim.
Hmm... I will keep a look-out for them when I next visit Hong Lim during the weekdays as they are usually closed on week-ends during my weekend visits.

Sunny :-)