Tuesday, February 19, 2008

China Local Delights

Recommending 2 nice Dessert at the international buffet at 九寨天堂 (Jiu Zhai Tian Tang), a 5 star hotel at 九寨沟 (Jiu Zhai Gou).

Pumpkin Sago - very unique and nice. Had only tried honey dew & mango sago before this. It tasted very sweet & smooth, just like mango sago. Wonder if the pumpkin found in Spore can create its sweetness as pumpkin in china are really sweet.
Sago balls - its exterior is covered with sago while interior is like glutinous rice balls with red bean paste. Very smooth & soft.

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Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Ha, not long ago, i left a comment in Springflow's blog on pumpkin, asking her how she feel about pumpkin dessert. That time i was thinking about Oh Nee, replace taro with pumpkin, but never have the time to try it out.

Now you got this.

Really wish our veg. eateries here got come up with more interesting veg cuisine and bring it another step higher.

cheers :)