Friday, February 22, 2008

欢心素 (Huan Xin Su) at Rocher Centre Coffee Shop

Their special for the day: Vegn Chicken Rice.

You should have seen the actual texture of the mock meat, such a replica to the real chicken meat. The taste of the meat & the rice is very similar too. Although I do not like gluten, this gluten meat is actually very smooth & soft. I wonder how they do it. :P

Address: 欢心素 (Huan Xin Su)
Blk 1, Rocher Rd, #01-506(Rocher centre corner coffeeshop, 2 doors away from the vegetarian cake house, opp Bugis OG, near the famous Simaru Guan Yin Temple)


dreamy said...

Wah! That looks so real like the real chicken! I haven't had veg c rice for sometime le... should go try c rice soon...

Sunny said...

The only pity is the chilli sauce needs improvement, or else it will be perfect.:P