Thursday, July 10, 2008

慈缘轩 (Ci Yan Xuan) Chinatown

Cold noodles! Another speciality of Ci Yan Xuan.
Though I am not hungry, I decided to pack back for supper. :P

No regrets, the cool & refreshing noodles (White Jade noodles) with its unique gravy is a delicacy on its own even without the shreds of salad vege & fried wonton skin. A great dish on a warm night. :-) Very satisfying!:-)

Address: 8 Smith Street (shophouse near end of Food Street)

Tel: 6225 9026 (If you want to confirm menu of the day:P)

Usual Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm


dreamy said...

Cool! I didn't know they serve cold noodleS! Alamak so many good food... but i cant stomach everything hahaha i m so greedy...

Sunny said...

I found 2 new stalls nearer People's Park OG bldg area. (Yet to try)
1 at HDB coffeshop beside OG bldg & 1 at Opp bldg - People's Park Ctr Basement 1 centre foodcourt where it is surrounded by many tour agencies.
Though I am happy that as consumers, we have more choices, I am worried for the stalls around Chinatown area if it will be too competitive for them. :P

Anonymous said...

This is the best vegi restaurant in SG with very reasonable price. I've been frequently visiting there for my lunch. beyong five star pls....