Tuesday, July 8, 2008

普香素食 (Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre)

This is one of the new stalls (#02-144) I noticed which is located beside the escalator. In the day, it sells mixed rice & dishes while in the evening it sells Stir-fry dishes such as Vegetarian Fried Hokkien Noodles, Fish Soup and what I tried tonight, the Shredded Chicken Vermicelli.

This is cooked like the "San Mee" version except that a much finer version of the noodle is being used. Personally, I prefer this Vermicelli to the original "San Mee" as being finer, it absorbs the gravy better and more crispy even if not soaked. Instead of "shredded chicken", they replaced with "mixed" ingredients. There is generous portion of mushroom and mock products which included my favourite Gold Pieces. The tasty gravy below the Vermicelli is more than enough to soak the Vermicelli which I think is an important aspect for nice "San Mee".

Nice, recommended to try. :-)

This stall is located at #02-144. From Escalator facing the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, you can see it on your left on your way up the escalator.

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