Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brown Rice Vegetarian, Kopitiam at Harbour Front

Located at Harbour Front's Basement One Kopitiam foodcourt, this is a new stall name that I encounter. I decided to try its Hor Fun and surprised that it came out to be Dark Soy-sauced Hor Fun, different from usual plain Hor Fun.
With generous portion of mock ingredients, tofu & vege, and Hor Fun, it is quite worth trying. :-)

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Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I see this stall before but haven't try.

This stall is not listed at the VSS Veg Food Outlets Listing

In fact, in 17Jun08 VSS Newsletter, they are requesting Helps to update VSS Food Outlet List :

How nice, if all Vegetarian Eateries know about this and send in all their info, after all it is FOC, good for them and people who are interested in Vegetarian Food.

Cheers :)