Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fancy Vegetarian Food stall at Lucky Plaza

Yes, another new discovery of reasonably priced vegetarian food stall at Orchard!!!

This stall is situated in a "coffee shop" near to the right rear of Lucky Plaza level B1, among various food stalls, which is a hit with many office workers in Orchard.
It sells mixed rice dishes as well as stir fry Hor Fun, etc. I ordered the mixed dishes (my favorite mushrooms, braised beancurb skin, and a piece of mock prawn which is actually made of beancurb skin) with their ready fried Kway Tiao & noodles and that costed only $2.80. The dishes were not oily & the curry gravy was great.
If you are observant enough, there are actually small shops with food stalls located at the shopping malls like Lucky Plaza & Far East Plaza (upper levels) to cater to office workers in this expensive area.

This "coffee shop" is located to the further right of Asian Food Mall, just walk further right from the Food Mall and you will find this shop towards direction of the right entrance of Lucky Plaza.


Laura Ng said...

Hi Sunny,I worked at wheelock place for many years and I used to patronise this stall before the one at Orchard Towers level 4 opened. I didn't like this stall at lucky plaza because its food are not cooked in a healthy manner-very oily and too salty. Maybe you're lucky that day to choose and taste the dishes that were not oily. But I definitely recommend the one at Orchard Tower Level 4 to be a better choice which you also recommended before.

Laura Ng

Sunny said...

Hi Laura,
Really? Sometimes, they could have changed their style over-time?
I like their curry though. Maybe you could retry again.
Any more good choices of vegetarian food around the area to share?


Laura Ng said...

aha sunny, that's a good question asked by many of my colleagues's a pity orchard road proves to be too expensive for those vegetarian food sellers who are sincere in whipping up tasty, healthy and economical vegetarian dishes as a way of promoting healthy eating.

Like Jia Ming su shi at S11 foodcourt behind centrepoint and a vegan stall at Far East Plaza (forgot its name) they were two good stalls that moved away from Orchard Road because they couldn't cope with the high rent.

If you ask me, right now only Orchard Deli at Orchard Tower Level 4 and Nutrihub at cuppage plaza are still worthwhile to try. Of course, there're still higher-end restaurants like Lingzhi at Liat Tower and Cedele at wheelock Place. I also hope more new veg stalls will be opened here.

Btw, sunny, when you decide if a veg place is worth patronising again, do you assess their hygiene and service too?


Sunny said...

Hi Laura,
There is another 佳明素食 still operating at the ex-Le Meridien Hotel or now known as Concorde Hotel Food Court but I do prefer the old one at S11 behind centrepoint.

Generally, I will look at the tastiness of the food, if it is nice but environment or service not too good, I may still patronise, maybe ask for take-away instead:-).
Hygiene wise, well, so long as I don't personally see the chef/helper using his/her hand to rub his/her feet while preparing the food, then it is fine:P (I did ever seen a famous non-vegn Bun stall's helper did that while preparing the packet chilli sauce, I never dare to try even their red bean buns ever after:PPPP)

Sometimes, if I do not like the food on 1st trial, I may give it a 2nd chance after a period lapse.
Change is constant, they may change for better...

May there be more nice vegetarian food around the world!


Anonymous said...

I hope too more veg*n eateries around ... :)