Wednesday, April 15, 2009

甜甜屋 BB Home Sweet Home Cafe

(Replaced by new outlet...)
It is great to know more vegetarian places available at Bishan!
Originally I had intended to try Fo Xin again at S11 but saw a queue for it and as I was rushing for my class, I decided to make a detour to this new vegetarian shop introduced by Vegetarian Society's newsletter, located just a few steps away.
I recalled seeing All About Veggie's compliment about its rice sets and phew, no queue then and was warmly introduced to try their black bean sauced abalone mushroom rice which they promised could be served within a few minutes.

No regrets ordering it as it really came fast, and though I can't really taste the black bean sauce as it was named, it had a pinch of black pepper that made the gravy very appetising to go with the rice. The mushroom with the red pepper & vege were well cooked and hmm, I like the black pepper gravy which was not too spicy. I guess I will go back to try other rice sets in future ...:-)

It is located at HDB behind Bishan CPF building & Library, steps away from S11 coffee shop: 505A Bishan Street 11 #01-440 Singapore 570505.
Opening hours: 11.30 to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm. Rests on
Thurs except if it's the 1st or 15th day of the lunar month


Sagipan said...

Hey Sunny..u made me wanna go Bishan too!!

Sunny said...

Why not??


Laura Ng said...

Hi Sunny, I tried their Deep-fried Potato Ring with Fruit Salad which was very yummy at $8. It resembles the traditional deep-fried one big yam ring with loads of stir-fried veggies and sometimes cashew nuts filled in the middle of the ring. I know it must be tedious to prepare the potato ring so at $8 which may be a bit ex for some, it is a treat once in a while. Have you tried?

For the other set meals at $3.50, I tried the spicy fish one and the sweet and sour diced chicken one - both are value for money.

But I had been there twice so far at night, and they don't serve those desserts as advertised on their website or posted on their walls in the shop. Not sure if they sell desserts during the day only?

Laura Ng

Sunny said...

Hi Laura,
No, I hadn't tried the Potato Ring there but I do prefer Potato Ring to Yam Ring. And I think it is difficult to find Potato Rings nowadays even in restaurants. Thanks for letting us know another outlet that does it well. ;-)

I did ever ask them abt their desserts & they told me that they would have more varieties during weekend. So, may be you could try visiting them during weekends.:-)


Guazi said...

i went there last weekend but it was closed! the notice said that they will close until further notice.. dont know what happened?? so disappointed cuz i went there purposely to eat, luckily still have other options around there.

Sunny said...

Hi Guazi,
Hmm, I do wish the closure is temporary...
Heard alot abt eatery places close down recentli :-(
May the vegetarian food outlets survive the economy distress and flourish instead...

Laura Ng said...

Hi sunny,
I just went there on 16 May and it just started to reopen for business again. Learnt from the young lady boss that they closed for 2 weeks because their chef left and they had to look for a replacement. She's eager to collect feedback about the quality of the dishes from us customers. Some items on the menu already changed, even my fav Potato Ring and we only tried it once! :-( I was told that was the ex-chef specialty. Nevertheless, their serious attitude about their food quality impressed me so I will continue patronising them. Oh ya, I love their mango pudding and almond tofu pudding - very aromatic taste and not too sweet. The texture is also just nice - shake it and it wobbles! That's what I call a well-done pudding!:-D

Sunny said...

Thanks Laura,
Hmm, I love mango & almond pudding, noted & will try them when I can. :-)

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Yes, I went there end of June, still functioning ...

Cheers :)