Monday, June 20, 2011

素满园 (Kopitiam at Plaza Singapura)

Located at the Kopitiam Food court at Plaza Singapura, this is another outlet of Su Man Yuan.
Looking for something soupy to warm the stomach, decided to try their Vegetarian Fish Soup Mee Hoon. Soup and Mee Hoon taste okay, the few mock fish pieces with seaweed were quite well marinated & fried that has the coarse texture of the actual fried pieces.
The accompanying fried beancurd pieces were quite smooth & soft, the right texture that I liked. :-)

Oh, saw the well -coated fried fish fillet alike side dish and decided to try, it was actually beancurd skin coated with bread/biscuit crumbs. Quite nice if it had been eaten while hot.:-)

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