Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Local China Delights

Looking thru my past photos, I realised that I had not posted my earlier China Delights from my last Nov China trip to Jiuhuashan.
Saw the big pot of reddish Pumpkin Soup? Real rich stuff for a cool weather. Love their cucumber cubes, crunchy. Nice pot of green bean porridge. Their rice grains are those of short sticky grains like the Japanese rice that we all enjoyed. The fresh vegetables, the pickled ginger slices, stir-fry peeled  edamame beans (very common there as main dish unlike in Singapore we usually find it in only Japanese restaurants), the buns, the purplish sweet potatoes. Was told by the volunteers that usually if not with guests,  the temple Venerables will only have rice with simple dishes like pickles or their local wild vegetables.
We were really fortunate and grateful to be welcomed by having the sumptuous meals with the Venerables in a table and a long forgotten tradition whereby we help serve each other dishes that is a quick and good ice-breaking practice when dining with strangers (something that not often practised in Singapore anymore) and public hygiene of using separate chopsticks & spoons for the dishes is practised there.  How I miss those warm-heartening days of dining.
Warm heartening home-cooked vegetarian dishes by a sister from Hefei. It is hard to find vegetarian food in Hefei, in fact there is only 1 vegetarian restaurant in the town so she kindly prepared vegetarian breakfast & dinner for us: Pumpkin porridge, fresh vegetables, pickled young ginger slices, fresh fruits; Stir-fry walnuts, bean curb skin slices with green pepper slices, French bean alike wild vegetables with mock meat, fresh broccoli and edamame beans with mushroom & black fungus, etc.

This pickled young ginger is a must have local dish for the locals to cater for the coming winter that they would buy fresh younger gingers and marinate for weeks themselves. One of my favourite.:-)
Greatly appreciate all volunteer friends for the warmth in making our stay in your country an enjoyable one. Gan En, Thank you!

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