Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vegetarian Pancake at Bt Ho Swee Estate

Explored the Bt Ho Swee Estate (about 2 streets away from Tiong Bahru MRT) and found at least 3 vegetarian stalls. 1 located at the market (Mei Jing Vegetarian Food) sells economical dishes as well as stir-fry dishes while two at 2 coffeeshops of Blk40 Havelock Road (just beside the market).
One known as Sheng Ji Vegetarian sells Curry & Lor mee as well as standard fried mee hoon while the other known as Ba Le (86) Havelock Vegetarian sells economical rice dishes and is located at same coffeeshop with this snack of Vegetarian Pancake .:-)
And at same stretch of shops nearer to Sheng Ji, I saw two shops selling healthy, pro-vegetarian alike products. What a blessing for the vegetarian residents!
Okay, Back to the Vegetarian Pancake stall, it sells a variety including traditional peanut, red bean, green bean paste, and unconventional black sesame, cheese and chocolate flavour! It also has the crispy version of pan-cake with peanut fillings. Quite a popular stall amongst the residents around the area.

Vegetarian Pancake is located at coffeeshop right of lift lobby of Blk 40, Havelock Road, which is just beside the market. 

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