Sunday, January 1, 2012

Classic Lao Di Fang Vegetarian Restaurant PL

My Favourite gathering place now with hearty appetite non-vegetarians would be Classic Lao Di Fang at Park Mall, B1-12.
It passed QC of my friend, B who has high expectations of food and service, especially on Vegetarian places as she is kind of anti-vegetarian.:P
We visited Classic Lao Di Fang recently, and ordered their buffet which has a good variety of Dim Sum and vegetables. Their Dumpling standard is back and praised by All to meet standard and perhaps surpasses some of non-vegetarian version. We ordered a variety of their mushroom and vegetables posted at earlier posts and were impressed with the freshness and the culinary skills. Overall, an enjoyable meal and value for $ at $15.90 per pax. (May have surcharge of $2 during Public holidays)

Their Lunar New Year (CNY) menu is out, and they are open on CNY eve and 1st day of CNY which is a blessings as it is difficult in the past to find vegetarian restaurants open on those days.

It is located at 9 Penang Rd, Park Mall, Basement 1, #B1-12, just turn left from the down escalator.
Tel: 6533 8959


Daniel said...

I was looking for vegetarian restaurant (other than the usual Ling Zi, Miao Yi and Lotus) for family reunion dinner.

This seems to be an ideal place! Thanks for the post!

Sunny said...

Good that the post helped, but their buffet may not be available during CNY period, instead they may have their CNY specials, so do call or visit their web to find out more...

Happy New Year! :-)