Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vegetarian Stall at Singtel Comcentre Cafeteria

Ever since change of chef/owner? my past favourite daily special of Wantoon noodles and Spaghettis were no longer available. Although the economical rice dishes variety increased and improved, I do miss the old Daily Special. After stabilising their rice business, they started to have their Daily special as well. Their Laksa was not bad and this round tried their Kwap Chap which was done quite similar as previous chef to have the ingredients separate from the rice roll pieces. A big bowl at only $2.50, taste else reasonable, value for $ compared to its economical rice dishes which is getting more expensive.

The stall is located at Basement 1 of cafeteria of Singtel Comcentre at Somerset. No name (just known as stall m) but easily located when you visit the cafeteria, entering from door leading to car-park.


Anonymous said...

FYI..The previous chef is already bk to the food stall.

Sunny said...

Yes, she is back :-)
Awaiting my favourite Daily Special of Mushroom soup noodles...