Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nature Vegetarian (Sin Ming Ave)

The once vegetarian coffee-shop had changed owner and it is no longer a full pledged vegetarian eatery. Now, Nature Vegetarian still retains a stall which is the vegetarian economical rice stall. It had just reopened on my day of visit, apart from the economical rice dishes, it also offers simple stir-fry dishes like Fried Rice, Hor-Fun and Lamian.
I decided to try if it is the same Lamian from their old Ngian Tofu stall which is gone & which I will miss terribly. Served in a Jap theme bowl, it has reasonable portion of ingredients as shown in picture but the taste seems to differ. I sure miss the old stall's daily menu as well.

The coffee shop is located at 409 Sin Ming Ave, #02-01 (Opp Bright Hill temple)

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