Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gokul (Fortune Centre)

Gokul had opened at Fortune Centre #01 and I can't recall if the original outlet at Little India also serves pure vegetarian without onion, garlic, leeks etc or it is only this outlet to attract the greater population of Chinese Buddhist patrons who visit the famous Chinese temple in the area. ButI really like the idea of trying Indian food without the aftertaste of onions.:-)

Had originally wanted to try the naan which I had previously overheard was nice but they had ran out of naan on the day I visit with my Indian food expert, M.
We ordered Paper dosa ( top pict) which was my 1st attempt and according to M was to be crispy but it was abit soft when served to us. Tasted abit like crepe to me and the sauces to dip with was non spicy and I could only remember the last pale green sauce was peppermint and to me the 3 sauces are just passable.

We preferred the gravy of the Paneer tikka masala (mid pict) which we used it to dip instead. I really missed paneer & masala ever since my last India trip more than 1 year ago!
The gravy is tasty but the paneer tasted more like beancurd instead of the paneer which I recall should be of more chewy & cheesy taste.

Next was Sardine Murtabha which was also my 1st attempt on Murtabha as non vegetarian version usually comes with meat & onions which I avoid...
I had always thought Murtabha was something like the thicker version of egg prata with filling and I was abit disappointed with the size when it came. Its sardine filling was more like curry flavoured cabbages and the Murtabha softened with the heat of the ingredients tasted like softened popiah skin, a great variation from my imagination.
Not in picture but saved the day was their Lime Lassi, the sweet yoghurt drink which I grew to love:-) Their Masala tea was complimented by my friend as well.

I think I will return to try their naan and some other more spicy dishes and other lassi drinks. :-)
But I guess I have to increase my exercise time too to burn all the calories...:P

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