Monday, May 27, 2013


On the Expressway to Taidong 台东 direction from Gaoxiong's Chaozhou 高雄潮洲市, there is a seaside which along the way has some local resorts (民宿) and one of it is near the Lion Head Mountain Farm (狮头山农场) which we stopped over for lunch at a Vegetarian cafe, 淡然养生休闲坊
(屏东縣獅子鄉(村)獅子一巷70号(屏鹅公路456公里處) )

One can choose to have an exterior seat to enjoy the seaview or internally at a cosy corner

On chatting, the friendly owner revealed her concept of operating the cafe & accomodation on a "Pay as you deem" basis (except a nominal fee for afternoon tea). She also revealed she is a follower of Ven. Jing Kong and Ven. Hai Tao and kindly switched on the Life TV channel for me and what a Rejoicing! moment to see Mingyur Rinpoche on air  (a repeat serial)! Rejoice!!! :-)


A good spread of dishes cooked with their own-grown vegetables (some not in picture)

Cold Dessert of Chin Chow & Pearl Sago offered on a hot day, refreshing!

and it is paid as you deem for the meals as well as accomodation
 ... a concept gaining popularity and with a good cause which the lady boss would happily tell you more when you visit them.
A good stop-over for/after a good walk by the sea-side.

You may call her at 08-8761037  or 0935951140 for advance booking, especially for a group and on a week-day so that she can make better preparation.
The cafe & resort is located at 屏东縣獅子鄉(村)獅子一巷70号(屏鹅公路456公里處).

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