Saturday, May 25, 2013

滴水坊 "Waterdrop" Teahouse ~ Taiwan Gaoxiong Fo Guang Shan

After such a good experience at S'pore's 佛光山  Fo Guang Shan's  滴水坊 "Waterdrop" Tea house, how could we miss it at their origin, Taiwan?
And because the premise is so hugh, there are at least 3 滴水坊 "Waterdrop" Tea house outlets at the temple. We were at their new memorial centre during lunch hours so we were recommended to visit their tea house just beside it.
The Daily special of the day were Soy Soup Noodles and Curry Rice which we gladly ordered and an interesting concept that they introduced besides "Pay as you deem" is the accompanying dishes: a bowl of delicious porridge with 3 plates of side dishes that could easily become a set meal by itself! Love their porridge & side dish of beancurd slices! The curry rice is towards the Japanese curry version while the noodles is like handmade noodles in soy soup. Nice ambience, enjoyable food with courteous staff/volunteers. :-)
Strongly recommend!

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