Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tiger Vegetarian Delights

This is my first solo trip on a Budget Airline and worrying that I may be hungry on the 4.5 hrs flight, I pre-ordered my Vegetarian meal which there is only a Classic Vegetarian sandwich selection on-line then which I paid $9 for it. When on board, I was happy to see 2 vegetarian options on the menu, Mock Chicken rice & Cheesy Mushroom Panini meal which looked good.

I was terribly disappointed when I was served my pre-ordered sandwich which was just cold plain white bread stuffed with chopped vegetables. Excluding the accompanying bottle of Evian Water which was sold on board at $4, the sandwich costed $5 which is certainly over-priced though the taste is still ok.
In future, I would prefer to order on-board to try their Mushroom Panini which looked more palatable.:-(

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