Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taiwan GaoXiong ~ LiuHe Night Market Vegetarian Delights 高雄六合夜市

What to try at Taiwan Night Market 台湾夜市?
Smelly Beancurd (臭豆腐) , Fried Mushroom (炸香菇) !
There is this stall at the Liuhe Night market (六合夜市) that specifically labelled itself as Vegetarian but if you do not take onion & garlic, you must still specify you do not want garlic as one of their sauces contained garlic. The stall's version of smelly beancurd takes more in the form of Taupok (豆包) instead of the Dougan (豆干) version. I think I still prefer the Shenkeng Smelly beancurd brand (深坑臭豆腐). I like the crunchy pickled cabbage & carrot slices added to make the dish more healthy.

Next we tried the Fried mushroom but was too anxious to eat it that we forgot to take a picture of it. :P (Taste wise better than those found in Spore's Pasar Malam but I think Taipei night market's tasted better in memory)
Amongst the other meaty stalls, we are glad to find One Vegetarian stall selling Vegetarian food so must support despite being full from eating the snacks.

As the weather in Taiwan is now hot, we decided to try the cooling bitter-gourd double-boiled soup upon the recommendation of the lady boss. It was a small bowl with a few pieces of white bitter-gourd (special & common in Taiwan instead of the green version) and the mushroom stalks. It has slight herbal taste & I find it of reasonable taste. The Dry noodles was mixed using Satay sauce instead of chilli with toppings of bean sprouts & braised mock meat. It's a pity the noodles was not as smooth or Q as expected of Taiwanese noodles.
Generally I find the cost of food at Taiwan was lower priced than S'pore's which is good. Contiinue that way :-)

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