Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vegetarian Delights at Taiwan Gaoxiong Pindong 台灣高雄屏东县

 Local vegetarian delights at the rest-station on top of 台灣高雄屏东县 力健山 Li Jian San to reward ourselves and recharge our energy: Stir-fry Green Pepper slices & their local vege: Guo Mao Cai with ginger slices & preserved black bean.
Nice! & reasonable priced at NT60 (ard S$2.50) each. The owner is very considerate to use a different wok from their general wok that cooks meat to separately cook the vegetables for us, knowing we are vegetarians. Must take a break here & recharge!

To be recommended is XiZhai's Red Yeast Fried Rice, yummy QQ well flavoured fried rice!
Another 2 specialities are their oval-shaped Fried Durian & Yam with crispy skin, while their Fried Beancurd pieces with crispy exterior & soft smooth interior won many patrons' return visits.
Tel: 08-7884812
Opens 10.30am-2pm; 5pm-8.30pm
It was after 8.30pm that we searched around 屏東縣潮州鎮 for Vegetarian food that we chanced upon this  古淳香素食館 (GuChunXiang Vegetarian restaurant; address unknown) that is also first trial by our Taiwanese friends and it turned out to be a good noodle shop. We had a platter of local delights, & the soup noodle with some chilli oil looked spicy but was small case to Spicy lover me as in generally Taiwanese don't take spicy food so their chilli oil is more of sesame oil flavour only. The soup had a mild herbal taste which is quite tasty and I think my friends would likely return to try again. :-)

A favourite dessert that my Taiwanese friends strongly recommend: 3Q which is combination of Grass Jelly, Coffee Jelly & Green Tea Jelly plus cubes of yam and mango. Nice, a local dessert one must try in Taiwan :-)

Fruits: Pineapple, Mango, Papaya are in abundance in Taiwan & they are sweeter than those in Singapore and fruits are always with every meal.
Oh, I learn a tip in making pineapples even sweeter from Taiwanese friend which is to wash pineapples with cold boiled water (not running tap water). And the pineapples are so naturally sweet & tasty that I had eaten my life supply in the few weeks there.
The pieces of baked cheese on top of their local "Beauty leg" (also part of bamboo shoot family) were deliciously prepared by our host.
Pumpkin is also common & sweeter there & I learnt to cook a few dishes there which Pumpkin porridge is one of them :-) (very simple, because they are naturally sweet so just cut into pieces and cook with porridge using the popular fast cooker :P). They are also proud of their crunchy cabbage and nice beancurd, especially the fried smelly beancurd not in picture.
And how could I miss posting the popular Taiwan dish of Cold noodles 凉面!
Quick recipe on the sauce of cold noodles:
3 tablespoon of kunbu sauce or vegetarian oyster sauce n 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce plus 6 tablespoon of warm water
Boil n Stir gently

(1 tablespoon of soy sauce to 2 tablespoon of water
1:2 ratio n taste )

Shred carrot n cucumber strips
Or use sea salt to rub the exterior of uncut cucumber then leave it for 10min or more
Cucumber cut into strips of small equal length then put in cold drinking water
Drain dry, put in fridge til cooking time

Use hot water to boil red carrot strips with seasalt
If crunchy just quick boil and if want softer, just boil longer

Use hot water to cook their Guang Miao Mian noodles
Then drain & wash the noodles under running tap water
Put desired portion onto a plate, add shreds of carrot & cucumber then pour sauce over it, a cool QQ noodles is ready...
Oh, I would certainly miss their well-cooked Cold noodles...
 Thanks to the hosts for introducing us to local delights :-)

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